A New Endeavor

December 26, 2010

Finally there will actually be some narrative here, instead of just nebulous and slightly foreboding lists of restaurants.  A friend of mine, Bryon Zandt, and I, are going to be starting on a gradual and lackadaisical process of learning about tea in the interest of the eventuality of possibly placing under further and more committed consideration the concept of starting a small tea operation.

Given that I’ve recently moved to New York, and that Bryon is located in North Carolina, this certainly is meant to be an ongoing sidebar for the next few years at least.  That being said, we are hoping to build somewhat an online presence in the meantime, with the hopes of accumulating a good deal of experience and tea-wisdom.  And that’s where this blog transition thing comes in — we would like to maximize transparency and ask all of you what suggestions you have for us.

What should two guys who want to understand tea and how to provide tea for other folks who want to understand it and enjoy it do?  What tea places should we visit, both online and outdoors?  Should we spend all our money going to China and Japan and drinking fancy green and pu-erh (reverse respectively) on the steppes of the foothills of the various mountains, or should we just explore around where we are?  What should we be reading?

Don’t get me wrong — we do have a couple ideas of our own, but we want to open-source this project as much as possible, especially in these first stages of what will likely last quite some time.

Thanks for your help, and we’re looking forward to this undertaking!

– Josh and Bryon


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